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About Teach Global Health Summer Institute

The 2025 Summer Institute for Curriculum, Course Design, and Assessment is a three-day workshop for educators to share experiences and best practices, evaluate curricular programs and assessment tools, and participate in charrettes designed to refine course and curricular materials that strengthen students' learning.


Participants may come from any disciplinary background, and from any stage of their academic career. Faculty, staff, and administrators who are interested in the role of global public health as a rich learning tool to prepare undergraduate students for complex, highly inter-connected and globalized world as both professionals and educated citizens are encouraged to attend.



Develop or modify a global health course, assignment, or experiential program


Design or strengthen curricular programs and develop effective assessment strategies



Engage faculty from a variety of

disciplines & institutions,

explore collaborations, 

and develop a network of colleagues


In-person workshop for 2025

We are excited to invite participants back to campus for the 2025 Teach Global Health Summer Institute!

Individuals who are unable to attend in-person will be able to attend some key sessions virtually at a reduced registration rate.  We are excited to be able to bring people together to collaborate and strengthen their global health courses and programs and to learn and share with our community of educators. 

The Summer Institute allows participants to spend time dedicated towards their specific project - whether developing a new course, revising or adding a module to an existing course, integrating experiential programming into a course or program, conducting a program self-study, integrating global health into a disciplinary program, starting a fully new program, or other initiative.  

Each Summer Institute is unique. We bring national and global experts to engage participants in current topical areas that may complement or enhance their project. Past institutes have focused on decolonization of global health, course and program assessment, integrating experiential learning into programs, and developing a community of global health educators. Many participants have attended all of our programs.   


It's Time to Refresh

Your Own Curriculum

Teaching a New Course?

  • The Summer Institute will help you launch your course forward, providing inspiration and collaboration. 

  • Develop a structural framework for your new or revised course, generate ideas for more active learning and assessments, and access a multitude of resources for you and for your students.

Updating Your Curriculum?

  • For participants developing new programs or revising existing majors or minors, the Summer Institute will help you refresh your curriculum, rethink your learning outcomes, and integrate your experiential learning into your curriculum. 

  • Explore different models for structuring global health programs, re-align your curriculum with a range of key competencies, identify ways to incorporate emerging global health concepts and theories, and support students entering a variety of career pathways throughout your curriculum. 

Join Us This Summer!

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