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Teach Global Health is a professional development initiative designed to support global health educators through workshops, a community of educators, and peer reviewed activities and resources.  The Summer Institute provides an opportunity to share pedagogies, evaluate curricular programs and assessment tools, and participate in charrettes designed to refine course and curricular materials.

Teach Global Health aims to empower educators to develop global health curricula that is centered on health equity, addresses critical and emerging topical areas, and strives to prepare both global health professionals and educated global citizens planning to enter a wide range of other career pathways, including medicine and other clinical professions, policy, regional planning, law. 

Participants will:

  • Gain facility in understanding key global health learning outcomes and competencies,

  • Gain an understanding of strengths and challenges of distinct curricular models,

  • Explore a range of active learning strategies to address timely issues and concerns in global health,

  • Become connected to a robust community of educators who intentionally focus on foundational theories of global health and active learning approaches to transform students into global citizens across a wide range of career pathways.  

The Teach Global Health Leadership Team and Advisory Board include world experts in global health education. We are grateful for the insight and contributions made by members of our Advisory Board. Our Educator Advisory Board, comprised of Teach Global Health alumni and leaders in educational theory and practice in global health, provide valuable guidance from a range of institutions around the globe to ensure our program offers timely and valuable resources and activities for our participants. Our Program Coordinators run most of the day-to-day activities in preparation for our Summer Institute, and as the session nears, you will be in regular contact with these tremendous individuals ensuring program details for a productive workshop. 


Leadership Team

Advisory Board

Educator Advisory Board

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Learn about Global Health
at Allegheny College

Global health is an emerging academic field that prepares students for a range of career pathways in a complex, interconnected world. It emphasizes the multiple determinants of health and is imbued with the commitment to equity.  The “global” in global health refers to ‘holistic’ or ‘universal,’ (not 'international.'  And ‘health’ is more inclusive than just physical health--it reflects the World Health Organization’s definition of health that incorporates all of the social, economic, environmental, and structural factors that lead to health.

We encourage students to recognize the complex and interconnected policies, communities, and perspectives that impact individual and population health.  Our students use a variety of frameworks, methods, and approaches to define and engage with issues relevant to the field.  Given the influence of culture on responses to health issues—medical and public health interventions, policies, and research—we seek to prepare our majors and minors to be responsible global citizens who possess a self-reflexive awareness of power, privilege, and difference within a multiplicity of contexts, and who have the capacity to actively listen actively and communicate effectively with a wide range of audiences.

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